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Let’s go on an exciting journey together and tap into the beauty of what Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Universe have to tell you.

Let our team at Astro Tattoos create some magic together and manifest where in your spiritual journey you’d like to go.

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Unique Cancer Zodiac Tattoo Design
Elegant Cancer tattoo design with mandala and a flower, custom made by Astro Tattoos resident artist.
Simple Aries Zodiac Tattoo Design
Simple tattoo design with Aries zodiac constellation and a flower, custom made by Astro Tattoos resident artist.
Geometric Pisces Zodiac Tattoo Design
Sharp geometric Pisces tattoo design, custom made by Astro Tattoos resident artist.
Unique Leo Zodiac Tattoo Design
Elegant Leo tattoo design with its zodiac flower, sunflower, custom made by Astro Tattoos resident artist.

Super-ComboAstro Reading +
Custom Tattoo Design

None of us forgets how profoundly connected to ourselves we’ve felt after getting our birth chart reading for the first time. The placements and aspects define us deeply, and for many have been the way to personal growth and self-understanding.

If you’d like to get the most personal tattoo design, a birth chart tattoo is a good place to start.

Work Astro Tattoos partner astrologer for the reading and professional artists on creating your own, personalized and unique tattoo design based on your natal chart reading.

NEW!Personalized Custom
Zodiac Tattoo

Each spiritual journey is different, and you are where you are right now because of who you are.

At Astro Tattoos we strongly believe that working together with your spiritual tattoo artist on creating a perfect design for you tattoo is a part of the process you should not skip.

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