About Me

Milena Petrovic


Having been in the tattoo business for years, I decided to combine it with my other passion – astrology to create a custom zodiac tattoo design project called Astro Tattoos for my fellow spiritual people.

Astrology and tarot helped me discover parts of myself and tap into tranquility I never thought would be accessible.

It guides me and helps me understand myself better, and I feel I’m not the only one.

With my other tattoo business, Tattoo Stylist, I’ve talked to hundreds of tattoo lovers, and so many resonate with using astrology symbols in their tattoo.

That made me create a dedicated space for everybody looking for a custom astrology tattoo. And, Astro Tattoos was created.

Feel free to find me on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook – I am the person in the DMs, so don’t be shy.