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Aquarius tattoo is the penultimate article in our zodiac tattoo series.

Aquarians are seen as eccentric set of people, quite unique in the zodiac world.

Described as the majority of the creative people, Water bearers are deemed to have an acute sense of art and all things beauty.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, meaning it falls in the middle of the winter season and is known to be stubborn.

Their main symbol is the water bearer because they give knowledge to the world.

Given their deep connection to beauty and artistic expression, Aquarius tattoos are an opportunity for them to express themselves and seek a way to showcase their unique personalities.

The Aquarius symbols are very versatile.

They include apart from the glyph, planet, air sign and the flowers and gems, a lot of references to water, waves and water bowls.

If you’re looking to showcase your Aquarian personality or want to dedicate a tattoo to your favorite Water bearer, we go into all the interesting details you can use for the design.

So, let’s dive in!
Jan 25- Feb 18

Quick overview

Aquarius Tattoo Elements

Element: Air
Aquarius constellation
Color: Light-Blue, Silver
Flowers: orchid, gladiolus, carnations
Gemstones: garnet, amethyst
Water bearer

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Zodiac Symbol

The Glyph

The Aquarius symbol () is the water-bearer and its glyph looks like stacked waves or flowing water.

The water reference is one of the reasons why Aquarians are often mixed up as being  a water sign (even though it’s an air sign).

However, the glyph is symbolic of the Water bearer’s ability to recognizing the way the energy flowers in their lives and their environment.

One more symbolism attached to the glyph is that it looks like an equal sign, which is fitting.

The equal sign is a reminder that Aquarius can live a whole, balanced life even though they often experience opposites sides of life’s spectrum.

The glyph can also be depicted as water flowing equally, representing two planets: Saturn and Uranus. This means there are two coexisting personalities within an Aquarius.


As mentioned, Aquarius is an air sign (not a water sign).

Air can be connected to dreams, intuition, the mind, communication, and higher ideals.

Air is also all around us and are encompassing of all things life.

This correlates to Aquarius symbolically as they tend to be acutely interested in big, global issues.

If we’re comparing them to other air signs, we need to preface – Gemini relates to self-identity and Libra relates to partnership.

Aquarius, on the other hand, takes a giant leap into outer space, relating to a universal understanding of air values.

Aquarius is concerned with the bigger picture, the large-scale concepts that dreams are made of but can seldom be contained in waking reality.
Zodiac Flower


The zodiac flower connected to the Aquarius sign are orchids.

Some say that the motto of orchids is “My uniqueness is my effectiveness” and same can be said of the Aquarius’ personality.

The orchids and Aquarians stand tall and seemingly proud of its uniqueness and individuality.

Orchid is one of the most sought-after and prized ornamental plant. This distinct flower is a symbol of luxury, love, strength, and beauty. Because of the origin of its name, the orchid also symbolizes fertility and intimacy.


Amethyst is the zodiac gemstone that relates to Aquarians the best.

This gem will heighten the natural perception of Aquarius people.

The main symbolic is the one of intuition, love and fidelity.

Amethyst is violet in hue, which matches the vibration of the crown chakra – an energy center Aquarius uses a lot.

This is the color and energy that taps into awareness, and pushes the barricades of boredom because it allows the wearer to see beyond the mundane.

One more trait of Amethyst is the enhancement of the communication skills of Aquarians, and their ability to work effectively with other people.

Amethyst is believed to help Aquarians handle tough situations in a more thought through manner.

It calms the mind and gives its wearer a clearer vision of the obstacles and path ahead.

Water Bearer

The Western name of the Aquarius is the Water bearer.

The word “Aquarius” has Latin roots, meaning “water-carrier,” and it’s represented by the vase of water.

The water can be filled and spilled, but the kneeling Aquarius is carrying it, therefore, not touching it, just providing their modest service.

Even though the sign’s related to bearing water, the Aquarian’s vase is actually carrying emotions.

They can carry others’ emotions, or the Aquarius can pour out the water, signifying the transmittance of knowledge and feeling.
Ruling planet

Saturn & Uranus

The modern, ruling planet of Aquarius people is Uranus, while the traditional ruler is Saturn.

Even though considered just a huge ice giant of the solar system, Uranus is a planet of so much more.

It is the planet of rebellion, eccentricity and upheaval.

Apart from that, Uranus is associated with many dynamic traits such as unpredictability, breakthroughs, progression, creativity, change, and freedom.

The energy it applies to Aquarius is dramatic, original, forward-thinking and enlightening, but rebellious and irresponsible, often sparkling chaos.


Aquarius is the 10th largest constellation in the sky and is among the zodiac constellations first discovered by the ancient Greeks.

It is spread out over 980 square degrees, but there are no particularly bright stars in the constellation and it can be difficult to view with the naked eye.

Aquarius is located near other water-related constellations: Cetus (the whale), Pisces (the fish), Delphinus (the dolphin) and Eridanus (the river), in what is often referred to as the water or sea section of the sky.

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