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October 22, 2021by Milena Petrovic

Cancer tattoo guide is the 4th in our zodiac sign tattoo series.

These deeply intuitive and sentimental people, Cancers are one of people that one will have the most challenge to get to know.

Also known as Crabs, people born under this sign are emotional, family oriented and bound to their homes.

The crab is the perfect symbol for Cancer tattoos.

They carry their home with themselves, and they go swiftly between the sea and the shore, which represents Cancer’s ability to exist in both emotional and material realms.

The sign of cancer is ruled by the element of water and the Moon, other two typical symbols for crab tattoos.

Many times, their tattoo design is also embodied by their glyph, their zodiac sign that represents two crab claws.

Their flowers and gems, constellation and animal are the main Cancer zodiac tattoo palette of symbols.

One thing the Cancers need to do when approaching their custom tattoo design is to trust themselves and their vision.

This sign is known for being sensitive, or frightened and hidden in their shell.

But, with your zodiac tattoo be brave and toughen up.

Focus on strengthening your claws and your outer shell—don’t forget, you are a crab after all!

Let’s enter the waters together and go through all the meanings and symbols for Cancer tattoos.
June 22 - July 22

Quick overview

Cancer Tattoo Elements

Element: Water
Planet: The moon
Cancer constellation
Color: white, gray
Flowers: white rose, lillies
Gemstones: ruby

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Zodiac Symbol

The Glyph

The glyph for Cancer is made up of what looks like two opposing 6’s on their sides.

Even though to some it seems like the numbers 69, it is actually the representation of the claws of a crab.

Another definition, according to astrologer Annie Heese, says it might resemble breasts, as Cancers are known for their maternal instincts.


Cancer is the Cardinal Water sign and the fourth sign of the zodiac and the first water sign.

Cancer’s water moves and is directed. It combines water’s adaptability with cardinal’s motivation, drive, and leadership.

Water gifts the Cancer personality with intuition, compassion, and an extremely emotional nature, as well as the ability to connect with, understand, and empathize with the emotions of others.

It also makes Cancer retentive, sentimental, and nostalgic by nature.
Zodiac Flower

Rose & Lillies

Cancers are known for being highly imaginative and emotional, which makes roses the perfect symbolic flower for this zodiac sign.

Roses are considered a delicate, gentle flower – traits that the people born under the fiminine zodiac sign of Cancer share.

Purity and innocence is connected also the Cancer’s nature.

One important caveat, though – just like the rose flower and its thorns, Cancers can have a thorny side, too.


The birthstone for Cancer is the magnificent Ruby.

Ruby is a precious gem that means confidence with a deep red glow.

This stone is traditionally connected to the Cancer sign. Ruled by the Sun, it is very compatible with the Cancer’s ruling planet the Moon.

This close cosmic connection allows Ruby to harness the power of the planet and bring balance to the Moon-ruled Cancer.

As the birthstone of Cancer, the Ruby is also known for balancing the heart and bringing confidence, added extras that are sure to help the (sometimes) co-dependent Cancers to stand firm on their own two feet.

The Crab

The word Cancer is Latin for crab.

The crab is the most traditional symbol of Cancer and has several distinguishing characteristics that give insight into a Cancer’s behavior.

Crabs are shy and sensitive creatures of the night that’s ruled by the Moon.

Always watchful and evasive, these animals will always step backwards or sideways to avoid any danger.

Their self-protective character is very quick to retreat into their shells at a sign of any threat.

In spite of all of this, their tenacity is legendary – once they cling their claws onto something, they won’t quickly or easily let go.
Ruling planet


Cancer is ruled by the moon.

The affect of its ruling planet is the change of feelings as quickly as the tides, as the moon is responsible for the ebbs and flows of human emotion.

The moon also influences that the Cancer is considered the mother archetype.

It’s influencing Cancers to care deeply about the ties of home and family and develop a penchant for care-taking.

This mothering instict makes Cancer seek from others exactly what you provide: safety and comfort.


Cancer, which is Latin for crab, is the dimmest of the 13 constellations of the Zodiac, having only two stars above the fourth magnitude.

The Cancer constellation lies between Leo and Gemini, other zodiac constellation.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to see the constellation’s animal shape as a crab with the naked eye or even binoculars.

What we see looks more like a faint, upside-down Y.

Cancer is visible in the Northern Hemisphere in the early spring. It can be seen in the Southern Hemisphere during autumn.

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