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October 24, 2021by Milena Petrovic

Capricorn tattoo guide is one of the last in our zodiac tattoo guide series, but one that is not to be taken easily by no means.

The last earth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn is represented by the sea goat, a mythological creature with the body of a goat and tail of a fish.

This gives Capricorns a great versatility in skills – they navigate both the emotional and material realms with great ease.

The grounding that their Earth element gives them helps them overcome whatever stands between them and their long-term goals and they don’t let anything distract them from getting ahead.

Capricorns have a great focus and drive in life, which is why they are often perceived as cold and unemotional.

Capricorn is ruled by the stoic planet Saturn, one of the common symbols featured in Capricorn tattoos.

These increasingly youthful, optimistic, and playful people love good art and are not afraid to say exactly how they like it.

Indeed, inside every earnest Capricorn is a mischievous artist, even though they might seem a bit conservative and restrained at first,.

When looking to get your sea goat tattoo, you can look for many zodiac tattoo symbols to add – the planet, the zodiac flower, gemstone and constellation.

All amazing elements to add to your custom Capricorn tattoo.

Let’s dive deep for an overview of the elements to be featured in this tattoo design.
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Quick overview

Capricorn Tattoo Elements

Element: Earth
Capricorn constellation
Color: gray, brown
Flowers: pansy
Gemstones: garnet
The sea goat

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Zodiac Symbol

The Glyph

The Capricorn zodiac symbol () is one of the more intriguing ones and how it came to be.

There are many stories regarding how the sea goat came to be, and how they got their powers.

The symbols is drawn like the low case letter “n” with a loop swirling on the right lower end where it dips down.

The glyph is supposed to represent a goat with a fishtail, or in some versions it’s the goat with the horns, with the tail looping down.

One common thing about the interpretations is that the Capricorn symbol contains a reference to spirituality in the circle within the loop, which signifies the true nature of who we are, and the fear of what we sometimes have to go through to embody that true self.


Each of the twelve zodiacs is ruled by either water, earth, air, or fire – the four classic elements.

Capricorn is an earth zodiac element, along with Virgo and Taurus – thus forming the trifecta of the more sensitive and intuitive star signs.

Earth is the heaviest and most solid of the four elements and thus represents stability and grounding.

At best earth signs are practical, and at worst, they are overly materialistic.

As a negative sign, Capricorns rely on their internal sense of structure and are thorough in their decision making. To a Capricorn, life is one big project, and they are dedicated to producing the best outcome from that project.

Capricorn is also a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs are positioned at the beginning of their respective seasons, and for this reason are characterized with a certain level of initiative.

Capricorns herald the beginning of winter, and are thus born leaders, keen on being resourceful and prepared as the cold closes in.

Capricorn is “The Achiever”, which explains their relationship with time and responsibility.

Strict and serious, their earthy nature can be seen in their strong internal sense of structure.

It can also morph into pushing their code of conduct onto others or becoming too stubborn to shift a plan of action even when it would be well-advised to do so.
Zodiac Flower


Capricorn’s zodiac flower is the pansy.

They are the thinker’s flower, which especially resonates with the driven and deep-thinking Capricorn.

In fact, the word Pansy is itself derived from the word “pensee”, which is the verb “to think” in French.

So pansy as the symbol of thoughts encompasses values like free-thinking, consideration, critical thinking, remembrance, and nostalgia.

It can also carry the meaning of love and admiration.


The principal birthstone of the Capricorn is Garnet gemstone.

Garnet has the ability to influence a person through its multifarious innate properties, the colour of the stone and its crystalline structure.

The impact can be both on the positive and negative personality qualities.

Garnets are said to attract the energy of planet Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorns, helping those who wear it prosper and lead a more aligned lifestyle – mentally, spiritually and physically.

Where Capricorn and Garnet sync most is in the intersection of the mystery of the darkest night and the glory of the light.

The gem symbolises the crossing of the bridge of darkness before one can reach the radiation of the great white light.

Garnet helps to boost imagination and protects against depression and impure thoughts.

Sea Goat

Capricorn is closely associated with the hybrid creature known as the sea goat, which explains why sometimes the sign itself has the name Capricorn goat.

The sea goat has the body of a goat from the waist up and the tail of fish with a swirl at the end.

It’s a very unusual creature, even for mythical standards, because the two halves don’t seem to make a whole lot of sense together.

Goats are designed to climb steep and rocky cliffs while fish are designed to move smoothly through water.

This extraordinary combination is almost impossible and contradictory.

Some believe the image of the sea goat comes from the story of Typhon, the king of monsters.

They attribute the image to the god Pan, a satyr, who jumped into the river to flee Typhon’s assault on the gods.

The best explanation of the Capricorn goat comes from the Capricorn zodiac sign myth that was discovered in later writings

Basically the sea goats came from the first sea goat, Pricus, who was created by the god Chronos (Greek mythology).

The legend goes that eventually all the sea goats made their way inevitably to land where they became the four-legged goats that we know today, leaving Pricus as the sole sea goat and the figure in Capricorn mythology.

This, naturally, explains why there are no sea goats today. Because you were probably wondering where they went.
Ruling planet


The ruling planet of the Capricorn zodiac sign is Saturn.

Saturn represents responsibility, hard work and determination – all qualities adored by Capricorns.

Some call it the taskmaster of the planets, keeping everyone in check.

Capricorns can be very self-critical — you’re hard on yourself when things don’t go according to plan and you always try to learn from your mistakes so they don’t happen again.

Saturn’s influence makes Capricorns the ones you always want to have on your team and simultaneously the ones you don’t want to let down.


Capricornus is one of the zodiac constellations catalogued by the Greek astronomer Claudius Ptolemy in his Almagest in the 2nd century CE.

It is actually a faint zodiac constellation located in the southern sky and draws its name means “the goat” in Latin.

The constellation represents a sea goat, a mythical creature associated with the god Enki in Babylonian mythology and later with the Greek deity Pan.

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