The Most Personal Astrological TattooGet A Custom Birth Chart Tattoo

based on a 60-minute astrology reading

A birth chart tattoo is basically a custom tattoo design done based on an astrology reading of your natal chart.

The elements it features corresponds to an overview of the planets and cosmic bodies at the moment you were born, including all 12 zodiac signs.

Also known as natal chart tattoos, we pour the symbols of the most important astrological influences on your life by the placement of the planets and which constellation they occupied as you entered the world.

The celestial bodies and their planetary placement featured in birth charts are the perfect inspiration for the most personal zodiac tattoo design.

To get started with your birth chart tattoo, we would need to learn about your birth data and get an astrologer to do an astrology reading.

This astrology reading will cover:

  • personality reading,
  • the big 3 – sun, moon rising and your ascendant
  • prominent planetary placements

in duration of 60 minutes while including notes of the most important symbols the tattoo artist should use that define you.

Upon receiving the astrology reading, the transcript of it will be transferred to a tattoo artist and the design will be crafted specifically for you.

It’s a 100% unique design and a 100% personal, customized tattoo to cherish your most personal traits and challenges.

How big would you like the tattoo to be?

Depending on the area you want to cover, you can choose between:
Small tattoo


up to 4x4 inch
Medium tattoo


up to 6x6 inch
Large tattoo


all above 6x6 inch
* The price stated above is the full price for astro reading + tattoo design (no additional fees or charges will be made)
** The reading and design will be delivered to you in the maximum of 2 weeks’ time.

What You Get

✨ the full astrology reading recording

✨ a digital copy of your custom tattoo design + stencil (inkable file) to send to your tattoo artist

✨ full copyright for the artwork so it cannot be resold or used by any other person

✨ be eligible for 1 extra change in your design completely free of charge

Who Is The Astrologer

Julia Mihas is a professional astrologer and life coach who believes that astrology can utilize the ethereal into something practical.

She employs both modern and traditional methodologies in my astrological practice.

Her personal view is that the human experience is a dynamic interplay among free will, destiny and chaos.

Within this trifecta, she believes that astrology serves as a signpost for self-actualization, and she takes a non-fatalistic approach to the realization of human personality in the grander context of spiritual evolution.

Her 60-min reading for this service will cover your personality reading, sun/moon rising and most prominent planetary placements based on your birth data and will provide notes of the most important symbols the artist should use that define you.

Get In Touch About Your Custom Birth Chart Tattoo

If you’re looking to get your custom birth chart tattoo done, please feel free to get in touch with us by sharing your birth details as well as details about the tattoo itself (size, style and placement).

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    What Our Customers Say

    I always wanted a birth chart tattoo, but wasn’t sure how to make it pretty and not your typical geometric, simple circle with lines you see when calculating your chart. But the team at Astro Tattoos delivered a very elegant solution, not too complicated, but the planet and zodiac signs are so dainty, I love it! Will definitely come back for more tattoos.

    Angela Lee Smith

    Finally a tattoo that tells my story for me – the astrologist at Astro Tattoos was insanely precise, and the design came out beautiful, too. Can’t wait to get it done!

    Brittney Campbell

    I started with a vague idea for a large tattoo and the team did an incredible job of designing it! Their service is prompt, friendly, and affordable. I would highly recommend their them.


    Karen Thomson