Small Aries Daffodil Constellation Tattoo Design

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Delicate Aries flower tattoo design, custom made by Astro Tattoos resident artist.

Aries|March 21 – April 19
Meaning: new beginnings, vanity, prosperity, good luck


Size fit: 3-8 inch
Placement fit: forearm, back, ribs, calf, thigh, upper back, spine
Session length: 30-50min
Color: black
Good for beginners: yes

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Delicate Aries zodiac tattoo design. Done with the zodiac’s birth flower, daffodil, along with Aries zodiac constellation.

This Aries tattoo is great for sizes 3-12inch. The placement can be versatile, but it does require an elongated body part to support the design (forearm, back, ribs, calf, thigh, upper back, spine).

The tattoo can be done in plain black, or red for more color pop.

The lack of shading and a simplistic design make it a perfect match for the first tattoo.

Design Details

Size fit: 3-8inch
Placement fit: , back, ribs, calf, thigh, upper back, spine
Color: black
Good for beginners: yesfine

✦ Terms of Payment ✦

To receive the design, the payment in full must be done through PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can also pay with a credit card through the platform.

✦ Delivery ✦

The full resolution HD design files will be delivered instantly after the purchase has been made. You will receive a certificate of authenticity from Astro Tattoos proving that this design has been approved for tattooing by the author.

Please also note that once you have bought the design, intellectual property remains for the Astro Tattoo and it would be a legal breach if posted online or resold or used for any other intentions other than getting the design tattooed.

✦ Refunds & Exchanges ✦

Due to the nature of the business, there are no refunds or exchanges guaranteed after you receive all the tattoo design files needed to go to a tattoo shop.

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