Astrological Venus Tattoo Guide With Zodiac Meanings

August 27, 2022by Milena Petrovic

A Venus planet tattoo is a popular astrology tattos, as our Venus placements reveal so much about as as well as it’s positive meaning as a ruling planet.

One of the inner planets, Venus moves quickly through the zodiac.

Considered Earth’s sister planet, it’s also the only planet that’s named after a female goddess.

It’s commonly associated with all things feminine, adding to its popularity.

Astrology tattoos carry a lot of meaning, whether you’re hoping to honor your values and strengths or find a deeper connection within yourself.

Let’s dive in deeper to learn about Venus planet meanings and find Venus tattoo inspiration!

Venus in Astrology

First, what does the planet Venus represent in astrology?

If you’re not familiar with the zodiac and all things star charts, this might be a new idea to you.

According to the zodiac, Venus is the planetary ruler of the signs Libra and Taurus.

Both of these signs enjoy pleasures of the material world, and both also focus on feminine power.

It’s also helpful to understand a bit of Roman mythology.

According to early myths, Venus was the goddess of sex, love, and fertility.

Like the Greek goddess Aphrodite, she was a symbol for beauty.

In her myth, Venus was born from the sea, and she had two divine lovers (Vulcan and Mars).

Throughout literature and stories, Venus has also been depicted as the evening star since she shines so brightly.

With this type of rich history and astrology, it’s easy to see why Venus tattoo choices are so common.

Appealing to material, earthly beauty and love, this planet is a reminder to enjoy the finer things in life.

Venus Signs

Now that we’ve established that Venus is the planet that represents love and the Roman goddess of beauty, let’s dig even deeper.

Venus sign astrology takes on an even greater meaning.

It’s about much more than romance and love.

If you want to learn what your Venus placement represents your birth chart, well, it shines a light on your heart and how you connect with others.

While Venus is mostly known for romantic love, all relationships form the bonds that create who we are.

Questions that your Venus placement and the zodiac sign inhabiting it ask are:
♀ How do your emotions show themselves?
♀ Who are you drawn to in your friendships and community relationships?
♀ How do you choose romantic partners, and what’s important to you?

By tapping into your Venus sign, you can recognize the best pathway towards love, happiness, and relationships.

Venus Symbolism

Of course, symbolism is in the world all around us. It’s in the beauty of nature and in the night’s sky.

When we choose to take a closer look, we develop greater relationships with the galaxy around us.

This has been true since the earliest days of civilization, and it’s true today as well.

That’s why there’s so much we can learn from Venus symbolism.

As a symbol, Venus refers to:

  • Harmony
  • Beauty
  • Love
  • Relationships
  • Sensuality
  • Attraction
  • Art

You’ll often see Venus depicted as a symbol with a circle and a small cross below it (♀).

This was once seen as the hand-mirror of the goddess of love herself, and this image lives on today.

A Venus symbol tattoo or a Venus planet tattoo can embody any (or all) of these images.

A representation of the goddess and all things femine, you’re free to draw your own meanings and conclusions.

What Does Venus Tattoo Mean?

Finally, what does it mean to choose a Venus tattoo?

Famously worn by celebrities like Ariana Grande, the Venus symbol, goddess, and planet are all common tattoos to honor:

  • feminist ideas,
  • pride in womanhood,
  • togetherness
  • your Venus placements and celebrate how it represent you
  • your ruling planet (for Libras and Taureans)

Venus tattoo can be a deeply spiritual tattoo or a way to honor the ancient goddess should you use her mythological form as a beautiful maiden.

For most people, a Venus tattoo symbolizes love, ambition, passion, and beauty.

Seeing a Venus symbol can be a sign of good luck, as Venus planet is considered to be a benefic (positive) planet in the zodiac system.

In this sense, wearing a Venus tattoo is a way to carry protection and luck on your person at all times.

Venus also is a planet that largely affects one’s horoscope and zodiac reading.

Keeping this imagery close is a reminder that the world is always changing, but you can hold your loved ones close.

Ultimately, tattoos carry a lot of mixed meanings.

Like beauty, the interpretation is in the eye of the beholder.

A Venus tattoo is however you make it, whether this means you represent your passion for feminine beauty or you hold astrology in high esteem.

This is a tattoo idea you can easily adapt to multiple images, creating a work of art that’s uniquely yours. It also lends itself to many different placements on the body.

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