Celtic Astrology Tattoos: What Do They Mean?

March 30, 2023by Milena Petrovic

Throughout history, just about every culture has a way to dive deeper into connections with nature in daily life.

The Celtic people used the environment as a way to guide their intuition, hopes, and futures. Their astrology system was divinely designed around the moon and animals. 

Even the most ordinary creatures had ties to the spiritual world. Celtic zodiac signs and Celtic astrology were a way to learn more about yourself and the world around you.

When you know your Celtic sign, you can unlock the power behind your corresponding animal, gemstone, and symbol to find your most amazing Celtic tattoo!

What is Celtic Tree Astrology

If you’ve ever felt connected to the trees in nature, then you relate to this aspect of Celtic spirituality.

According to long-held Celtic traditions, it was believed that the time of your birth was related to your personality and behavior.

Since trees were seen as vessels of wisdom, each personality is associated with a specific species of tree. 

Unlike other zodiac charts, the Celts used a theory based on the lunar calendar.

This means it uses a 13-month system.

Both tree and animal signs in Celtic astrology follow this lunar chart, and the connections are clear between the two.

Like the unconscious mind, these trees link your reality to the natural world even if you don’t notice it in your daily life.

The connection seems deeper like the roots of an ancient tree. 

Not sure about your specific Celtic tree astrology?

Check this chart below based on your date of birth. 

  • Rowan (January 21 – February 17): Intelligent, influential, loving
  • Ash (February 18 – March 17): Artistic, imaginative, spiritual
  • Alder (March 18 – April 14): Trailblazer, generous, brave
  • Willow (April 15 – May 12): Observer, calm, sympathetic
  • Hawthorn (May 13 – June 9): Fun, passionate, secretive
  • Oak (June 10 – July 7): Loyal, generous, educated
  • Holly (July 8 – August 4): Confident, leader, goal-oriented
  • Hazel (August 5 – September 1): Loyal, intelligent, kind
  • Vine (September 2 – September 29): Loving, elegant, refined
  • Ivy (September 30 – October 27): Strong, witty, spiritual
  • Reed (October 28 – November 24): Compassionate, truthful, storyteller
  • Elder (November 25 – December 23): Loyal, thoughtful, exciting
  • Birch (December 24 – January 20): Loving, compassionate, ambitious

When you know the tree with your sign, you might start to notice patterns in nature.

Do you feel a connection to this tree?

What type of Celtic tree tattoo might appeal to you?

From the passionate hawthorn to the refined vine, trees are the foundation of the natural world. 

What Is Celtic Animal Astrology?

Similarly, each zodiac is connected to an animal.

Because it was believed that certain Celtic people became animal spirits or were descended from animals, this was an important part of their understanding. 

In modern culture, we similarly associate animals with specific personality traits.

This isn’t much different from how the ancient Celts viewed the world, though their beliefs were based on spirituality and ancestry.

One of the oldest natural zodiacs in the world, you might uncover something about yourself that you’ve never discovered before. 

Once again, here’s your Celtic animal sign based on your birthday:

  • Cat (Jan 21 – February 1): Mischievous, psychic, intuitive
  • Snake (Feb 18 – March 17): Wise, powerful, healer
  • Fox (March 18 – April 14): Sincere, stealthy, romantic
  • Bull (April 15 – May 12): Loyal, stubborn, funny
  • Seahorse (May 13 – June 9): Imaginative, fearless, flexible
  • Wren (June 10 – July 7): Charming, caring, inspirational
  • Horse (July 8 – August 4): Achiever, passionate, dreamer
  • Salmon (August 5 – September 1): Intuitive, goal-oriented, excitable
  • Swan (September 2 – September 29): Honorable, intense, committed
  • Butterfly (September 30 – October 27): Gentle, idealistic, peaceful
  • Wolf (October 28 – November 24): Driven, smart, spiritual
  • Hawk (November 25 – December 23): Ambitious, truthful, powerful
  • Stag (December 24 – January 20): Strong leader, ambitious, kind

If you’ve ever felt a connection to one of these animals above, you’re not alone.

The meaning behind these creatures can be found in Celtic ancestry, history, and spirituality.

Not only do they make stunning and unique tattoos, but this is a chance to truly discover yourself.

How to Come Up with Your Celtic Zodiac Tattoo?

With so many rich meanings to draw from the Celtic zodiac, it’s easy to see why this is such a popular option for creating a unique tattoo design.

A Celtic zodiac tattoo could be of your Celtic tree, animal zodiac, or one of the famous Celtic knots. 

In Celtic tradition, these animals and trees were seen as a way to ward off evil.

Having the specific deity close in your life was a practical way to protect yourself while sharing your Celtic heritage.

Just as people have bonds with each other, Celtic symbols create bonds between the human, natural, and ancient world.

Celts understand that the world is always changing.

Like the Zodiac, your time and place of birth impact your personality and outlook on life. 

Your Celtic astrology tree and animal sign hold a mirror into your soul. It hints at the deeper aspects of your personality, and how you present yourself each day.

Expressing this with a Celtic Zodiac tattoo is a beautiful tribute to the Celtic culture. 

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