Ultimate Pisces Tattoo Guide For The Most Creative Sign ♓

October 13, 2021by Milena Petrovic

Pisces tattoo guide is the last in our zodiac tattoo series, but certainly not less important.

The world without these amazing water sign would be much darker and less emotionally in tune.

Pisces are very friendly and often find themselves in company of very different people.

These beautiful fish souls are selfless and always willing to help others.

People born with their Sun in Pisces have an intuitive understanding of the life cycle.

They form incredible emotional relationship with other humans on the basis of natural order and senses guiding them.

Their water element is the last of their kind (after Cancer and Scorpio).

This means that the Pisces season is the one that help disperse everything that happened in the past and change anyone’s relative view on forgiveness.

Pisces’ deep empathy and incredible emotional capacity is governed by their element and planet – just some of the elements used in Pisces tattoos.

If you’re looking to showcase your Pisces nature, there are many amazing Pisces symbols you can use.

From their planet, gemstone, zodiac flower all the way to their element, glyph and beautiful fish designs, Pisces zodiac tattoos are one of the most beautiful out there.

Check out our guide to help inspire and guide you through the process.

So, with these, we do our last deep dive!

Feb 19 - March 20


Quick overview

Pisces Tattoo Elements

Element: Water
Planets: Neptune (modern ruler), Jupiter (traditional ruler)
Pisces constellation
Color: Purple, Lilac
Flowers: water lilly
Gemstones: aquamarine stone
Two fish

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Zodiac Symbol

The Glyph


Pisces zodiac symbol ♓ is represented through two opposite parenthesis crossed in the middle.

It represents two fish swimming in opposite directions linked together by a band.

One more interpretation is that the band represents the continuity of the zodiac signs moving from Pisces to Aries.

Lastly, It symbolizes the Pisces’ tendency to be “in-between” decisions, too.




Pisces is a water sign, one of three besides Cancer and Scorpio.

The water has a strong influence over Pisces, and gives it the framework to react to the world.

The way the Pisces zodiac sign moves through life is by being guided their emotions and intuition.

The Fish is also an adept empath often finding it difficult to separate personal feelings with those of other people.

Also, the influence of water gives the Pisces persona calmness and clear thinking.

The deepness of water and where the fish swim is the protection Pisces have and where they can go and hide behind their facade.

The turbulent waters in the deep waters are rarely seen on the surface, which the Pisces don’t show.

Zodiac Flower

Water Lilly


Water lilies are Pisces zodiac flower, as both are ruled by Water.

This aquatic flower is a symbol of beauty, enlightenment and purity, which makes them perfect for the spiritual Pisces.

It is an embodiment of the Piscean spirit – it helps sensitive and intuitive Pisces to connect with their own empathic spirits.

Water lilies are a symbol of grace, faith, spiritual truth and integrity, divinity and the beauty of the natural world.




The Pisces birthstone is Aquamarine.

Aquamarine is a blue gemstone with the healing properties of emotional clarity.

This gemstone is all about embracing the sweet flow and surge of the water element.

Aquamarine gemstone is the one that can encourage the shapeshifting abilities of the Pisces to move fluidly through life rather than becoming stagnant and stuck.

It also tempers mood swings and strengthens the throat chakra, ensuring that Pisceans don’t shrink away from letting their voice be heard.


Two Fish


The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions connected with a cord.

When drawn as a glyph, it’s two crescent moons attached with a straight line.

Interestingly enough, Pisces have not started off as a fish, but instead as the two prominent rivers of Mesopotamia: the Tigris and the Euphrates.

The Babylonians used to add drawings of fishes in their river drawings.

This is likely where the concept of Pisces as the fish came to be.

Another interpretation is that the two celestial fish represent Venus and Cupid in Roman mythology, who transformed themselves into fish in order to escape the monster Typhon.

Ruling planet

Neptune & Jupiter


Pisces is one of the zodiac signs ruled, or better said, co-ruled by two planets Neptune and Jupiter.

Neptune is the planet that determines dreams, creativity and intuition.

Its sign itself is peculiar and gives a lot about the planet’s powers. According to the stories it represents the trident of the sea god Neptune, which Poseidon uses to wield its powers.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet that governs dreams, creativity, and intuition. Neptune’s glyph is the trident that the sea god Neptune and Poseidon wields. The three points on the trident’s crescent may represent the three stages of life: birth, life, and death or the earth, sky, and sea.

Neptune also pushes the Pisces to stay in the clouds, floating above the rest of the world, between fantasy and reality.

Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces as opposed to Neptune, which is Pisces’ modern ruler.

It is associated with good luck, tolerance, and spirituality.

It’s a uniquely two-sided planet, representing the dual nature of Pisces. There are two fish swimming in opposing directions: one toward the heavens and one toward the underworld.




Pisces constellation is one of the zodiac constellations, first catalogued by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century.

This constellation lies in the northern sky, and its name comes from Latin for “the fish” (plural).

Pisces is one of the largest constellations in the sky, between Aries constellation to the east and Aquarius to the west.

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