Neptune Tattoo – The Blue Planet Ruling Over Neptune & Dreams

January 9, 2023by Milena Petrovic

Known as the god of the sea, Neptune is a planet that’s filled with hidden depths and mystery.

The spiritual planet for all things dreams and intuition, there’s a bit of mysticism to Neptune that can’t be understated.

Having a Neptune tattoo can be a symbolic way to welcome this energy into your life.

Though Neptune can sometimes be seen as childish and naive, a strong Neptune placement in your birth chart can also lead to spiritual enlightenment.

As one of the slower-moving planets, Neptune has generational influence, and it can be tied to life’s many changes and challenges.

With so much meaning behind this ruling planet, it might inspire you to get your very own Neptune tattoo.

In this guide, we’ll explore Neptune in astrology, symbolism, and what these tattoos mean.

Neptune in Astrology

Those who are influenced by Neptune in their astrological charts share defining characteristics.

Aside from a deep sympathy and understanding for the world around us, people influenced by Neptune are often risk-takers who find faith in even the worst situations.

Neptune is linked to fulfillment and creativity. It’s how you find spirituality and enlightenment in a world of chaos.

Pisces is the zodiac sign tied to Neptune, and Pisces is one of the biggest dreamers of the zodiac.

While this can be mistaken for naivety, Neptune’s influence can also drive intuition, passion, and creation.

There are two sides to every planet meaning.

Known for mercy and compassion, the other side of the astrological coin also points to tricky, guilt, and deception.

Your particular birth chart shines a light on how Neptune plays a role in your personality and values.

What Your Neptune Sign Means in Astrology

In astrology, Neptune is one of the slow-moving planets.

It’s considered a generational planet since it spends around 14 years in each individual sign.

Within the zodiac wheel, Neptune expresses itself differently.

Depending on your birth chart, you can learn more about your imagination, connection to the mystic, and creativity by understanding your Neptune sign.

Through your Neptune sign, you might discover:

  • How do you handle compassion and forgiveness?
  • What is your level of intuition and divinity?
  • What is your personal approach to creativity?
  • How do you face life’s challenges?

For example, if your birth chart reveals Neptune in Aries, you likely lean towards impulsiveness.

In fact, the last time Neptune was in Aries was when the US fell into a Civil War.

Neptune once again will join Aries in 2026, so time will only tell what this might bring.

On the other hand, when Neptune is in Libra, the scales are perfectly balanced.

The gentle, peacekeeping Libra brings a calmness to Neptune’s intensity, encouraging reflection.

Not sure what your Neptune sign is?

You can use your birthday and get a birth chart to determine yours.

Since this is a generational planet, you’ll share this sign with those near you in age.

When you approach relationships and history through the lens of astrology, you never know what you might learn.

Neptune Symbolism

What does Neptune symbolize?

The planet of inspiration, Neptune is said to sway over the subconscious mind, dreams, and fantasies.

Just as the god of the sea cleanses the world with its oceans, Neptune is also tied to purity.

It refines the mind, leaving a cleansed palette in its wake.

This is why Neptune symbolizes:

  • Inspiration
  • Psychic receptivity
  • Illusion
  • Spirituality
  • Youthfulness
  • Intuition
  • Compassion

Above all, Neptune urges us to break free from our own notions and restrictions.

Reality has its limitations, but we can also unlock our own spirituality to become the purest versions of ourselves.

In Roman mythology, Neptune is the god of the seas and waters.

He controlled the storms, winds, and oceans. Neptune was inspired by the Greek deity known as Poseidon.

In Greek mythology, Poseidon was a defiant god who wasn’t afraid to extend his power beyond his domain.

The symbolism behind Neptune is similarly uncontrolled, encouraging freedom in all things.

What Does Neptune Tattoo Mean?

Neptune tattoos are a beautiful way to honor all things spiritual and creative.

For those who feel particularly tapped into their intuition, a Neptune tattoo might make perfect sense.

As a generational tattoo, Neptune planet tattoos tie you to your time of birth and age group.

Like an astrological coming-of-age, it can remind you of an important moment in your life or a struggle you overcame.

As a symbol of purity and spiritual growth, a planet Neptune tattoo evokes this positivity every day.

Similarly, the symbol for the planet Neptune is a powerful image, depicting the god of the sea’s very own trident.

A beacon of strength and mystery, a planet Neptune tattoo means you’re welcoming creative growth.

Whether you want to show your passion for creativity or hint at your unyielding intuition, a Neptune tattoo can make an impact.

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