Balanced & Creative Libra Tattoo Guide – Ideas, Meanings and Inspiration ♎

October 22, 2021by Milena Petrovic

Libra tattoo guide is the most balanced in our zodiac tattoo series.

Libra is the 7th sign in the zodiac and represented by the scales.

The scales are at their balance-seeking core and what makes them most unique – it’s the only inanimate object in the entire zodiac world.

Libras put relationship in the foreground, and are loyal friends, social butterflies that thrive off of deep connections they make with people.

Libra is obsessed with symmetry and strives to create equilibrium in all areas of life.

This air sign is ruled by Venus, the planet that governs love, beauty, and money.

It is for this reason that Libras need stunning objects around them and create environments that reflect their unique taste.

Accordingly, Libra tattoos need to be equally creative and fabulous.

The harmony is important, so well thought out and structured design is the key.

If you’re looking for Libra symbols to add to your tattoo design, we’ve tackled the overview for you – the planets, flowers, gems, constellations and more.

Let’s dive in!
Sep 23 - Oct 22

Quick overview

Libra Tattoo Elements

Element: Air
Libra constellation
Color: pink
Flowers: bluebells, roses
Gemstones: opal

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Zodiac Symbol

The Glyph

Libra zodiac symbol (♎) has the symbolic meaning of scales.

It consists of the Greek letter, Omega, over a horizontal line.

The Libra glyph is also said to represent the sun setting on the horizon.


Libra is an Air sign.

It’s the second air sign of the zodiac (and seventh sign overall), which makes them a part of the harmony-seeking social butterflies whose hearts are drawn to art, music, dance, and connecting with others.

It is also a cardinal sign and cardinal signs are often described as driven – for the community and for personal reasons.

The drive and determination of Libra people runs counter to their reputation for being indecisive. In this case, drive must be redefined and redirected in service of a balanced approach.

Libra is represented by scales, an instrument that measures weight — practically the opposite of air.

They’re especially drawn to pursuits of justice and bringing more beauty and equity into any situation.

In fact, they tend to be on a lifelong mission to make life more romantic, conflict-free, and fair.
Zodiac Flower

Bluebells & Roses

The zodiac flowers of Libra are bluebells and big roses.

Bluebells represent humility or sometimes gratitude.

These lovely small flowers match Libra’s unique ability to see the hidden meanings in things and expose the underlying evidence for what it is.

As for the roses, the classic flower or big gestures and romance, they symbolize the way Libras are adored by everyone they meet.

As a symbol of peace and love, roses perfectly complement a Libra’s passion for justice and strong sense of right and wrong.

Just like the Libras contagious warmth, roses also grow as weeds all around the world.

They can’t help but spread the love everywhere they go!


Opal is one of the most important and zodiac gemstones that support Libras.

As a zodiac crystal, all opals (in all shades and colors) enhance Libra strengths, especially when it come sto their commitment to equity and teamwork.

Opal and Libras share the ruling planet Venus, which gives these gemstones the channeling power for all energies of that planet.

As a stone of great love, fire opals channel Venus’s loving energy for Libras, especially toward those they are closest to.

The orange opal, also referred as fire opal, gives Libras radiant energy and inspiration emotional stability that this sign craves.

The Scales

The Libras symbol and nickname are the scales – the only inanimate object for its representative symbol

The story behind this goes back to Greek mythology.

It is associate with the Greek goddess Themis, who is the symbol of divine law and custom.

Themis is typically depicted as being blindfolded while holding the Scales of Justice, which she used to remain balanced and pragmatic.

This is a common choice for people looking for a larger and more feminine Libra tattoo.

Greek mythology also tells us that Themis’ daughter Astraea ascended to heaven carrying these scales, which became the Libra constellation.
Ruling planet


Libra zodiac ruling planet is Venus – the planet of love and beauty.

Venus is the astrological ruler of romance and pleasure, and it gives Librans the sense of aesthetic.

In addition to ruling over Taurus, Venus impact on Libras can be seen in their need of maintaining balance and relationships.

Libra’s focus is on keeping the peace and creating partnerships, so Venus’ romance and harmony-loving side gets to come out and play here.


Libra constellation is one of the zodiac constellations, first catalogued by Ptolemy in the 2nd century CE.

It lies in the southern sky and it’s the only zodiac constellation that represents an object – not an animal or mythological character.

The constellation’s name means “the weighing scales” in Latin and it’s neighboured by the Virgo constellation.

The four brightest stars in the constellation form a quadrangle.

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