Mercury Tattoo Guide – Communication, Sharp Mind & Connection

January 31, 2023by Milena Petrovic

Mercury is the messenger of the gods, and it embraces all things connectivity and expression.

The first of the planets, most people are familiar with Mercury through its famous periods of retrograde.

As the filter through which we process ideas and the world around us, there’s a lot we can learn about Mercury in astrology.

The ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo, Mercury is all about thinking, communication, rationality, and adaptability.

Always close to the sun, Mercury impacts the way we interact with others, ourselves, and our realities.

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Mercury in Astrology

In astrology, Mercury is the messenger.

This planet’s role in Greek mythology was as a messenger to the gods, and the figure was depicted as a man with wings to carry him from place to place.

From day-to-day expression to feats of communication, Mercury makes sense of the world and holds everything together.

Beyond communication, Mercury also represents harmony and ideas.

Mercury, as a god and astrological symbol, handles this energy and new information to turn it into comprehensive thought.

By looking into your birth chart, your Mercury reveals how you’re likely to communicate.

How do you make sure you’re heard? What do you value in a communication style?

Within Mercury’s domain falls speaking, books, online communication, writing, and learning.

This is why when Mercury is in retrograde, we feel like everything is a bit backward.

Our communications are strained, and we can’t make sense of the world like usual.

If there’s one thing to know about Mercury, it’s that it’s always in motion. If things feel off now, it only takes a few weeks for them to be righted again.

What Your Mercury Sign Means in Astrology

Because Mercury moves so quickly around the sun, its impact is fleeting.

It changes quickly, adjusting how we view the world.

When you understand your Mercury sign in astrology, you get insight into:

  • your communication style,
  • how you understand new ideas,
  • and how you analyze the world.

In astrology, there’s a lot of focus on our sun and moon signs since these peer deeply into who we are, but sometimes your Mercury sign is more obvious.

Mercury holds a mirror up to first impressions.

The tone of words we choose and how we present ourselves are all revealed by our Mercury signs.

To learn your particular Mercury sign, all you need is a birth chart calculator.

Wherever Mercury fell during your time and place of birth represents your communication style and how you share your ideas with others.

This will likely be different than your sun sign,

For example, if your Mercury sign is Virgo, you’re a natural communicator. You love to seek out information, and you naturally analyze the world with a scientific mind.

On the other hand, if your Mercury sign is Pisces, you’re more of a feeler than a thinker.

When you understand the way your birth chart impacts your experience, you can tap into your strengths and weaknesses.

Mercury Symbolism

In different cultures throughout the globe, Mercury carries rich, vast meanings.

Today, when we talk about Mercury’s symbolism, we’re most likely referring to the god or the planet.

Mercury was one of the main deities in Ancient Rome. As the god of communication, speed, and goods, he was seen as a protector for safe travel.

Similarly, Mercury the planet is also a gifted traveler.

Named after the god because of how quickly it orbits the sun, your Mercury sign shines a light on the way you communicate and experience.

As a symbol, Mercury represents:

  • Intelligence
  • Language
  • Communication
  • Travel
  • Mindfulness
  • Reason

If you look at the two zodiac signs under Mercury’s ruling, these keywords come into focus.

Both Gemini and Virgo are curious, adaptable, and strong communicators.

Though these traits might present themselves in different ways, they’re two sides of the same coin.

What Does Mercury Tattoo Mean?

Finally, what does a planet Mercury tattoo mean?

The symbol itself can relate to a view of the planet as a communicator to the universe, a reminder that the world is more connected than it looks.

It could also be a form of empowerment, a daily encouragement to stay in tune with yourself and your loved ones.

Mercury relies on open-minded discovery, new ideas, and analytics.

It’s an invitation to explore the world to its fullest, whether that means putting your passport to work or diving deeper within your own community.

In addition, Mercury’s periods of retrograde are temporary warnings of just how important it is to focus on communication.

When we’re not connected, everything seems to fall apart.

How does Mercury present itself in your life?

Is it a balance between leading with intuition and research, or are you always looking for a new experience?

Mercury does believe in compromise, and there’s always room for flexibility and creativity.

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